Stroke Care Richmond Seniors Can Rely On

Strokes can occur suddenly, and recovering from them often means facing unexpected challenges. Seniors are not equipped to manage these challenges on their own, which causes some to fail to follow medical orders, maintain a healthy diet, or participate in appropriate physical activity. Setbacks and preventable permanent disabilities are far too common among senior stroke survivors. The solution is high-quality in-home stroke care. At Home Care Assistance of Richmond/Williamsburg, VA, our extraordinary stroke caregivers are trained professionals who are passionate about assisting seniors throughout their stroke recovery. With unique skills and ongoing training, they empower seniors to regain their highest level of independence while helping them feel safe, comfortable, and supported at home.


Richmond Home Care Assistance has developed an effective stroke recovery program that benefits seniors in many ways. Along with providing them with safe support in the home environment, our services also:

  • Reduce the risk of hospital readmissions
  • Provide seniors with care that accepts both their strengths and limitations without judgment
  • Support physical therapy by providing seniors with encouragement and assistance during activity
  • Simplify coordinating and getting to medical appointments


Recovering from a stroke can bring up a variety of different emotions for seniors. At times, this may result in resistance to accepting help. Home Care Assistance Richmond understands the challenges seniors face when returning home after a stroke. We strive to make this journey as enjoyable as possible. To accomplish this, we offer a complimentary matching service and pair caregivers and clients based on personality traits, likes and dislikes, and other unique attributes. This encourages relationship building and makes seniors more comfortable with the caregivers entering their home. The end result is often openness to accepting assistance and a more successful stroke care experience.


There are no guarantees or specific timeline when it comes to recovering from a stroke. While some seniors recover quickly, others require more time. Some have permanent limitations, which means they must make adjustments and accept assistance for a longer time. At Home Care Assistance in Richmond, we understand each individual manages stroke recovery differently. Our flexible scheduling makes it possible for seniors to receive assistance part-time, around the clock, permanently or temporarily, on their schedule, and without disruptions to normal routines. Schedule changes are easy to make anytime, and we never charge a fee for discontinuing services.

Learn more about Home Care Assistance’s effective stroke recovery programs by calling Richmond (804) 207-4746 or Williamsburg (757) 239-2952 today. Our experienced Care Managers would be happy to answer your questions and schedule your free in-home evaluation.