Richmond Dementia Care in the Comfort of Home

Dementia impacts cognitive functioning and physical abilities. It causes familiar faces to become foreign and normal daily tasks and routines to seem more challenging. Through the progression of this disease, seniors may have difficulty maintaining relationships, dignity, independence, and a higher quality of life. Home Care Assistance of Richmond/Williamsburg, VA, understands the impact of dementia on seniors and their loved ones. Our goal is to provide reliable in-home dementia care that makes home safer and more comfortable in an effort to enhance quality of life through every stage of the disease. Our highly skilled dementia caregivers are passionate about helping seniors and have the training, knowledge, and experience to provide the best possible dementia care right at home.

Dementia Care Richmond
Dementia Care Richmond, Virgina


Dementia is different for every senior, but some symptoms are common. Families often face behaviors like combativeness, anger, and restlessness, which makes it difficult for them to provide important care in the home environment. For many families, support from professional dementia caregivers offers an effective solution. At Richmond Home Care Assistance, our dementia caregivers are trained in unique strategies that help them effectively ease many of these behaviors, which often makes seniors more receptive to care. Our innovative Cognitive Therapeutics Method can also be incorporated into dementia care plans at no additional charge, providing our caregivers with tools that stimulate mental acuity and slow the progression of dementia. For many seniors, this approach enhances quality of life, helps them accept necessary support, and empowers them to remain at home longer.


Even when seniors with dementia exhibit negative or childlike behaviors, it is still important to respect them as adults. Home Care Assistance’s dementia caregivers maintain a high level of professionalism with all of our clients. They spend time getting to know the seniors in their care and form meaningful relationships with them. Caregivers ask clients for their input, value their opinions, and provide support that helps them maintain independence and achieve their goals. Our Care Managers also involve seniors in creating and modifying the care plan to the best of their abilities. This helps our valued clients remain involved and engaged. Our approach promotes dignity and self-worth, which enhances quality of life throughout every stage of the disease.

If you are ready to explore effective dementia care in the home environment, turn to a respected industry leader, Home Care Assistance in Richmond. To learn more about our dementia care or to schedule your aging loved one’s free in-home evaluation, simply give us a call at Richmond (804) 207-4746 or Williamsburg (757) 239-2952

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