Alzheimer’s Care

Richmond Alzheimer’s Care Changes the Way Seniors Age

The face of Alzheimer’s is changing. Today, many seniors diagnosed with this disease enjoy a fulfilling and independent life at home. They feel empowered, valued, and loved while remaining in the comfort of familiar surroundings. This is thanks in no small part to the loving support of family members and assistance from professional caregivers. Home Care Assistance of Richmond, VA, is a trusted home care company providing high-quality in-home Alzheimer’s care to seniors. Our services provide seniors with the consistent care they need to feel comfortable while aging in place. We strive to build relationships by carefully matching caregivers and care recipients. This fosters trust and security and helps minimize combativeness, depression, anxiety, and some of the other negative emotions often associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Our Alzheimer’s Caregivers Are Industry Leaders

Deciding on a caregiver for a loved one is no simple task. Safety and comfort are primary concerns. This is especially true for a senior diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Richmond Home Care Assistance simplifies the process of finding high-quality Alzheimer’s care by putting measures in place to protect our clients. Each of our Alzheimer’s caregivers undergoes extensive interviews, background checks, and reference checks before being offered employment. Once hired, our caregivers are bonded and insured, and they also participate in ongoing training to remain abreast of the latest innovations in senior care. We manage payroll and benefits and ensure backup care is always available, which makes it possible for families to retain high-quality Alzheimer’s care.

Flexible Plans & Individualized Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s affects each individual differently during the various stages of the illness. Working with a home care company that specializes in comprehensive Alzheimer’s care makes it easier to adjust schedules, change the care plan, and meet individual care needs. It also makes life easier for families. Home Care Assistance in Richmond provides flexible scheduling that is available when seniors need it most. Options include part-time care, overnight visits, and even 24-hour care. Our Care Managers work with families to devise a care plan that best meets their needs and goals, and they remain on call around the clock to answer questions, adjust the schedule, and provide assistance in the event of an emergency.

Mental & Social Stimulation for Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Along with assisting with activities of daily living and other physical tasks, Home Care Assistance Richmond is committed to helping seniors with Alzheimer’s enjoy the golden years. Our Alzheimer’s caregivers spend meaningful time with seniors, engaging them in conversation so they always feel valued. Each caregiver is also trained in our exclusive Cognitive Therapeutics Method, which incorporates mentally stimulating activities into the care plan. This approach promotes mental acuity, helping seniors remain healthy, happy, and independent for as long as possible.

Home Care Assistance provides compassionate in-home care that enhances the lives of seniors with Alzheimer’s. We also offer comprehensive dementia, Parkinson’s, and stroke care. Learn more about our innovative programs by calling Richmond (804) 741-0009 or Williamsburg (757) 220-3151 to schedule your no-obligation in-home evaluation.


“A little over five years ago, my mother suffered a stroke and I was referred to Home Care Assistance of Richmond. Initially, they provided companion care for my mother during the day, seven days a week. As my mother’s physical condition continued to worsen, I extended the care to 24 hours a day. I have been very pleased with Home Care Assistance for a number of reasons. One is continuity of care providers. My mother has the same two caregivers, week in and week out. This has given me the opportunity to get to know the caregivers and establish a working relationship with them. They have become an integral part of my mother’s medical team which includes her primary care physician, neurologists and therapists. Also, the companions demonstrate an actual concern for my mother’s well-being. They are compassionate and caring in the way they interact with her. And there is no price you can place on the peace of mind knowing that a loved one is being cared for in a manner that you would provide yourself if possible.”
— Trace Carson – Richmond, Virginia

“I used Home Care Assistance to provide care for a trust client of mine for Home Health Care. I needed someone quickly around the clock until he was placed in a nursing home as he had no family or friends that could help. I continued to use this agency while he was in the nursing home because they were so good and helped him feel safe and calm. The nursing staff came out right away to evaluate him and we were staffed right away. The staff was always prompt, qualified, kind and caring. Background checks were always completed. Communication was exceptional. My client was a more difficult case, personality wise, but they were still very patient and kind. They were very dependable, I never had to worry if they were coming or not. The agency was quick to cover a sick worker, a flat tire and to communicate it with me when necessary. This will be the first agency that I will call when I need care for another client. I highly recommend Home Care Assistance.”
— Corrine Cooper – Richmond Virginia Attorney and Trust Officer

“Home Care Assistance did a fantastic job helping my mother recover after her hip surgery. My mom was extremely reluctant to have outside help come into her home. She wanted me there to help her all the time, but I work and have children so there was no way I could provide the care she needed. The caregivers were very caring and professional. She quickly bonded with them and they have a great relationship. Home Care Assistance did a much better job than I could have done!! I really appreciated their help.”
— Jason Schnepf – Midlothian Virginia

“Home Care Assistance provides 24 hour live-in companions for my mother. They’ve been superb about ensuring 100% seamless coverage, even when emergencies have occurred. Home Care Assistance has been helping us out for over 8 months now, through some very trying times. Everyone is always looking out for my mother and the staff has gone above and beyond to find just the right people to work with her. I would rate their service an A+!”
— Tammi Reichel – Glen Allen Virginia

“Home Care Assistance is a blessing. My husband was in the hospital and I knew he was going to need a helping hand. I was communicating with Becky Grim prior to my husband’s release from the hospital, and she was on standby ready to provide care. When I called her and told her hubby was coming home, everything was taken care of. Help was here before I knew it. If you have a loved one that needs a caregiver, do not hesitate to call. They are a wonderful company and their service is above and beyond.”
— Nancy Hathaway – Poquoson, Virginia

“We contracted Home Care Assistance to provide in home care for my mother several years ago. They began working daytime in the home 5 days/week, and as her needs have progressed they now provide care 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Home Care Assistance always stays in touch with all or our family members and keeps us updated on Mom’s health and activities. From the outset, this caregivers showed genuine interest in the my mother, quickly won her confidence and friendship; and have always cared for her in gentle, prompt, and thoughtful manner which goes well beyond our expectations. Our family has been exceptionally lucky to have Home Care Assistance. Both the caregivers and the agency have been fully supportive and communicative in every way.”
— John Trattner – Glen Allen Virginia

“I hired Home Care Assistance of Richmond to provide care for my husband who has dementia. The staff is great and very caring. The staff that comes out to help is very caring and patient. They are very professional and really nice to me and the family. I have been extremely satisfied with their service.”
— Polly Bauhan – Manakin Sabot Virginia

“My 84 year old mother had fallen resulting in a very badly sprained foot and ankle and shoulder. She could barely walk, couldn’t dress or undress herself due to her shoulder, and was pretty much dependent on someone else to do most things. Becky Grim, the owner, has been involved since my original call for information. She has been wonderful. The home care workers she sent were caring, took care of my mom’s needs, and were fabulous. They helped my mom get showered, dressed, they washed and dried the sheets and then changed the bed. They served her a meal each time they came, and they even cleaned up around the house when they weren’t working directly with my mom. WOW!!! They were great! I would recommend them without hesitation.”
— Suzanne Creasey – Williamsburg, Virginia

“My mother came home to an independent living facility after a hospital stay. She was on hospice, bedridden and needed 24 hour care. The Home Care Assistance caregivers were always there on time and all the care was highly coordinated, so I did not have to worry about anything. Most importantly, the providers went out of their way to make my family member comfortable. Nothing was too much for them. They encouraged her, fixed all meals, cleaned up everything. They took extra time to look up questions my Mom had, to play music for her and whatever she asked. They became friends over time. I would recommend Home Care Assistance to anyone.”
— Sharon Voerman – Williamsburg, Virginia